Nspire Compensation Plan

The nSpire compensation plan is a global plan that is designed to compensate those leaders willing to do the work in a generous fashion. Nspire has created a "retail culture" and you are rewarded for building a customer base that will provide you and your family real residual income for years to come. See for yourself how this plan surpasses the payout standards in almost every category of other companues and makes the requiremetns for maintaining your rank realistic, not through recruiting, but through customer acquisition. Our weekly pay plan, low monthly QV/CV requirements and lucrative monthly unilevel payouts help you realize that you have dinally found a home with nSpire.



Products offered for sale are only available for purchase from independent Distributors of nSpire Network. Anyone who purchases a product from a nSpire Network Distributor's website is considered a customer.

Preferred Customer

To become a Preferred Customer, you must have made an initial order. Next, simply set up a monthly autoship (recurring purchase) of 35 CV (excluding shipping, handling and taxes) of some of your avorite nSpire products. When you do this, you will be given a discount code to instantly receive 10% off of each product placed on autoship as a reward for your loyalty!

Also, as a Preffered Customer you will also receive a "Refer a Friend Code." Give this special code to a friend, family member, co-worker, etc., and they will receive a 10% discount on their first order of 35CV (excluding shipping, handling and taxes)! But that's not all! YOU will receive a store credit of 5% of the total value of your friend's purchase. For example, if you refer your mom to your sales site and she purchases 100CV worth of product, she can use the code and earn a 10% discount and you will receive a "store credit" of 5CV (5% of 100CV) that you can apply to your own future orders. Further, as you refer more customers, the credits will accumulate and grow from 5CV to 10CV to 20CV and so on! Your favorite nSpire products may ultimately become FREE for you as a build a massive customer base!

Independent Distributor

Choose the Distributor package that will provide you with the appropriate amount of inventory to build a solid base of customers. The annual Distributor's License is just $35. Understand that buying products is NOT mandatory, but it can help you earn more money more quickly as customers begin to demand more products from you. Here are the different Distributor Packages:

BUILDER PACKAGE: $99 or more
ACHIEVER PACKAGE: $299 or more
PREMIUM PACKAGE: $499 or more
ELITE PACKAGE: $999 or more

A person is only allowed to have one (1) Distributor account.

(Note: We sure would hate to see you go, but if you decide to no longer remain as an Independent Distributor by not renewing your annual license for $35, you can still KEEP YOUR WEBSITE ACCESS and enjoy remaining as a customer!)

Qualified Independent Distributor

You are qualified to earn each week when three (3) qualifications are met. First, you must have one personally enrolled Distributor on your left team who has made a minimum purchase of 35CV. Second, you must have one personally enrolled Distributor on your right team who has made a minimum purchase of 35CV. Third, you must have a personal order of 35CV placed each month.

Alternatively, you can qualify / remain active for earnings when you have a personal order of more than 105CV or if the orders of your personal Customers total more than 105CV. With nSpire, there are multiple ways to stay qualified for the money you have worked so hard to earn.

Qualified Independent Distributor

Every product purchase, in addition to having Distributor price, is also associated with an amount of volume. The amount of volume in your organization will ultimately determine your commissions earnings. A product’s volume is represented most often as CV.

CV: This stands for Commissionable Volume. This is the actual amount to be applied to percentages throughout the compensation plan and will ultimately determine commission payout.


Autoship is a recurring order program that ensures Customers receive their favorite products automatically. Autoships with nSpire are not mandatory and can be modified or canceled anytime.

To remain an active Distributor and earn from all the bonuses, you only need to maintain a monthly retail sale requirement of 100CV.

Considering our distributors that prefer person-to-person sales, and that 35CV is an easy product to sell by anybody in any given month. And futhermore, to prevent any BUY-TO-QUALIFY culture, the system will only allow not more than 35CVs from personal reorders to be accounted as part of the total 100CVs needed in sales. The remining 65CVs should come from personal sales through the replicated retail site.

Additionally, PED's personl volume can be considered for qualification, but not more than 35CVs from each leg will be allowed to meet the 100CV minimum monthly sales quta for activation

Only volume from Retail Sales are taken 100% of their CVs. Meaning if you get just one retail sale of 100CVs, yu are already qualified for the month in all of the compensation plan.

  • RB
    Retail Bonus Up to 40%

    Share the good news abou tnSpire's products with friends and family. When they make a purchase from your nSpire website, you earn up to 40% of the retail CV. To encourage you to atract even more customers, nSpire adds an additional 10% of the retail sales volume generated by your customer's purchases to the Binary CV each week!

    All the RETAIL SALES total CV will be taken into account for qualification purposes as part of your Personal Group Vlume, but only 10% of hte CV will go to the BInary and residual income.

    GUESS WHAT?! There is NO QUALIFICATION for you to receive this bonus each month! So go and tell world about your products!

    Note: If you give the 10% discount code to a friend for their first order and also earn a 5% CV store credit, it will be deducted from the 40%.

  • FB
    First Order Bonus

    You talked to your friend at work and they decided to partner with you in nSpire and become an Independent Distributor. Congratulations! As an Independent Distributor, you can earn 25% of the CV from your new personally enrolled Distributor's first product package order. Again, there is NO QUALIFICATION required to earn this bonus!

  • BB
    Binary Bonus

    In a Binary Compensation plan, you are building 2 teams simultaneously. A "right" team and a "left". Your goal is personally enroll Distributors on both teams to maximize your earning potential. Your rank, in coordination with the qualification rules, determines the percentage and maximum amount (cap) of your weekly binary pay. As you advance in rank, you qualify to earn at a higher percentage and weekly cap. All CV from your downline's First Order, Repeat Orders and 10% of Retail Orders will be included in the Binary Bonus computation.

  • MB
    Matching Bonus Up to 40%

    It's always fun to celebrate the success of others. But it's even MORE fun when you can earn a match of that person's income, thanks to your help! The nSpire Matching Bonus pays up to 40% from the earnings of your personally enrolled Distributors. Earn up to a 15% match from all leaders on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 10% on level 3. Watch this, you earn the 10% of your first level with NO RANK QUALIFICATION requirement!

  • UB
    Unilevel Bonus Up to 25%

    nSpire allows you to earn 10% of all the reorders of your Personally Enrolled Distrinutors WITHOUT RANK QUALIFICATION!

    And as you qualify and move up the ranks there are 8 levels of residual income available. cContinue to accumulate more sales and build a larger customer base and earn more and more money in the Unilevel Bonus. At the level of "RockStar", you will be earning the full 25% of the CV from the repeat orders of all Distributors located on each of those levels!

  • GB
    Global Bonus Up to 5%

    Teamwork makes the dream work! nSpire rewards you for working as a team! We take 5% of the cumulative total of the CV of all the retail and repeat orders (separated by rank) and it is shared by all of those who are qualified. This bonus is paid quarterly after all purchases have been validated and accounted for. Don't understand? That;s OK. Think of it this way. At the "Star" level and above, the more customer sales the company has in a quarter, the more money you will earn!

Qualification Requirement

If the 25% RULE on the Strong Leg is not met, the cap for the binary will pay half of its current value.
Example: If the 25% is not met for a Consultant, his cap will be for htat week of $US150 per week, instead of $US300.

Match Bonus: In case of Comp plan maxing out, the system will readjust this bonus.

Leadership Development

Creating and developing leaders is essential to success in business. nSpire encourages leaders to replicate their success by assisting other Distributors as they increase their sales volume by customer acquisition. As you create more Personally Enrolled Distributors (PED), you will secure a solid core foundation for residual income.